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By: admin on June 13th, 2011

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Hey guys -

Here's a quick update of what we've been doing for the past month. We've got a significant amount of the photo page feature built, the form page reporting tool is also getting close, and we're trying to finish up a new feature that will let you put social networking links on your site. All three of those features will launch one after another in the coming weeks!

Also, we launched several little things at the same time as the form page, but we never publicized them. Here's a rundown:

- Favicons! You can now change the little icon that appears next to the title of your site at the top of your browser window. For you designers out there, we know your hearts are swelling with joy.

- Super-easy Google domain verification. For some of Google's services (like Google Apps and Webmaster Tools), you have to prove to Google that you own your domain. This has always been an annoyingly techie process, but we just made it so you can copy and paste one piece of text and it's done!

- New Site Design: Venture. It's clean and conservative... and it's one of my new favorites. Check it out on the websites page.

To add a favicon to your site, or to use the new google verification tool, go to the settings page on your Greenhouse Dashboard. We hope you enjoy these new little features while we get ready to launch some more big ones!