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Form Reporting For Your Clover Forms Blog Feature

By: admin on June 30th, 2011

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Form Reporting For Your Clover Forms

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After launching our Form Page a little while ago, one of the biggest requests we received with the new feature was the ability to have reports off every form that was created. This basically means that we provide you with a way to store all the information you receive off your form in one location, and give you the ability to view it and/or download.

Jason (one of our developers) started working on this feature right after launch of the Forms Page, and as of last week this feature is available to you on any of your forms.

You need to activate reporting on any forms you want reports for. In order to activate reporting on your form, go into the form you've created, then click "form settings", and check the box titled "Activate Reporting".

Once you've selected this option, reporting on this form will be enabled. Keep in mind that you just enabled it, so any previous submissions won't be in this report... Only future submissions.

You'll also have the ability to password protect the download page for your reports. We suggest you do this, especially if the info you're collecting is anywhere close to being confidential. You can set up a different password for each form report you have if you'd like- it's really up to you. Also, this password can be different than your Greenhouse password, so you can give it to people in your organization without giving them control of your site.

Once you have submissions that you want a report of, click the "Download Report" button on the form settings page. This will take you to the page that allows you to download your report. If you've created a password for this report, you'll have to enter it before proceeding.

This page will be the location where you can download your report. Make sure you bookmark this URL so you don't have to go into your form settings every time you want to access this information. We make a .CSV version of your report so you can open it in any application you want (ex: Microsoft Excel, Numbers, Google Docs).

If for some reason you change the info on your form, we automatically start saving a brand new report with your new info. This ensures that if you end up changing a field, you're not stuck trying to decipher which content was from before, and which is applied to the new field.

We have a page in the help center dedicated to Form Reporting Tips. Check it out if you'd like, and as always feel free to shoot us an email if any questions come up.