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Browser Icon (Favicon) available on your site Blog Feature

By: admin on June 30th, 2011

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Browser Icon (Favicon) available on your site

Company News

About a month ago we launched a feature in your Clover Dashboard that allows you to add a browser icon (also known as a "favicon") to your website. A favicon is the little 16 x 16 pixel image that shows up in web browsers when someone visits a website. They show up differently in each browser (see pics below), but all modern browsers support them. Here are examples of cloversites.com in:



and Safari:

Not all sites have them (or even want them), but for a while now people have asked about the possibility of having this little feature on their Clover website. We've thought about adding this feature for a while, and never quite got around to it till now. Thanks for your patience everyone... Especially you, Justin, since you were the first to request this feature!

This feature is pretty subtle, but for those designers out there this is a big deal. This means that most times when people bookmark your Clover site, your site's title (which you can change in the Dashboard too) as well as this icon will show up in the menu. Just a little branding help for you guys... And for those non-designers who still want to have a cool icon next to their URL, have no fear- it's super easy to add. Just go to you your Clover Dashboard, and under your "Site Settings" button you'll find a new button called "Browser Icon (Favicon)". This will give you the easy steps to add this icon on your site.