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New Site Designs: Eden, Alliance and Echo Park Blog Feature

By: admin on March 30th, 2011

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New Site Designs: Eden, Alliance and Echo Park

Company News

We're proud to announce 3 new site designs. Here they are:


This site design has a ton of flexibility, and gives you designers out there a chance to make something vibrant and stunning. Demo this site and really mess around with the background gradients... There are some beautiful color combinations that are possible.


We created a kinda retro/grunge/designer site for those out there who want a bit more character in your website. You have the ability to turn the different background layers off (ie. rays of sun and paper) to really create the look you want.

Echo Park:

This site design gives you the ability to have a either a stunning or more reserved look... The site is super easy to navigate, as well as easy to make look good.

Be sure to check all our site designs out when you get a chance. You can demo them all on our website.