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New Site Designs: Harmony & Bordeaux Blog Feature

By: admin on November 5th, 2010

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New Site Designs: Harmony & Bordeaux

Company News

We've just released 2 new site designs... We've realized that so many of our sites tend to be more strong and modern-looking, so we decided to create a couple that have a more feminine look and feel to them. So we'd like to introduce you to Harmony and Bordeaux.



One of the coolest things about Harmony is you have total control of the background. We have made 8 different options for the background graphic for you to choose from, so your site has the potential to look super unique. You also have the option of including a couple of different logo backgrounds.



Bordeaux works great with subtle colors, and the graphic elements of the site are very Anthropologie-esque. My wife would love it. This site design gives you the option (as with Harmony) of either having or not having a background for your logo.


So those are the new site designs... If you want to demo them, as always check them out in our online demo.