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By: admin on November 1st, 2010

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All Business Referrals get you $250 till 2011

Company News

To celebrate Clover's recent launch into the world of business websites, we are making all Clover Friends business referrals a whopping $250 (as opposed to our normal $100) from now until the end of the year.

We wanted to give you all a little motivation to start spreading the word about Clover to your friends who own a business, or make marketing decisions for their companies. So now's your time! Businesses are genuinely looking for a solution to get their company out there, and with the Greenhouse, SEO tools, mobile platform, and newly launched List Page, now is the best time to hook them up. Not to mention that at $250 per referral, you could literally go business to business in your area and end up making thousands over these next 2 months.

This is a special Clover Friends promotion specifically geared toward for-profit businesses that will last until the end of the year... So all your friends you refer Clover to MUST purchase their site before January 1st, 2011 in order for you to receive the special referral rate. Make sense?

Also, in order to take advantage of our affiliate program, you must sign up to be a Clover Friend. When you sign up, you'll receive all the info you need to get going. You'll get info on how it all works, as well as great tools to help you spread the word. So take advantage of it.