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New Feature: List Page Blog Feature

By: admin on October 29th, 2010

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New Feature: List Page

Company News

It's here! We've just added our brand new, multi-functioning list page to every Clover site.

The new list page can do quite a few things... I've created this quick walkthrough to give you an overview of how to create and use your brand new feature:

As I mentioned before... This page is so multi-functioning. We originally started it as a "Staff Page", but realized quickly that with the simple concept of being able to create any-sized, as-long-as-you-want list, there is a whole world of uses for this new page.

Here are some we came up with. Hopefully these ideas help kickstart you in using this awesome tool!

  • Staff Page
  • Product Page (with links to a shopping cart - possibly to your Big Cartel or Shopify cart)
  • Online Portfolio
  • Restaurant/Cafe Menu
  • Photo Albums (Maybe linking to Flickr)
  • List of Services
  • Discography (List out your albums with links to iTunes to purchase)
  • List of Social Media Items

Those are some quick ideas... If you have some other uses for the new tool, be sure to comment with them below.