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By: admin on October 20th, 2010

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Just heard about something cool...  www.kickstarter.com.  If you have a project that needs a little bit of funding to get off the ground (like a film or a website or even that homemade knitted neck-tie company you've always dreamed of starting), you can post on KickStarter for supporters to view.  Then any socially-conscious mini-philanthropist with $20 burning a hole in his pocket can effectively donate to you and become a "backer".

The idea is surprisingly simple.  By supporting a project, you get a varying level of "reward" based on the size of your donation.  You don't get a piece of the company, or any other benefit besides the good old fashioned feeling of helping someone out.

For the project starters, it's an amazing way to not only get a foundational investment, but also to effectively presell a product before it's even created.  For example, these two guys that have an idea for an iphone tripod mount have managed to raise over $100,000 in two weeks.