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By: admin on September 7th, 2010

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Some Updates...

Company News

Hey everyone!

I know it's been a while since you have received a decent update via our blog.... Sorry about that! During busy seasons, the blog typically ends up being at the bottom of our "gotta get done" list. We thought it'd be good to give you all an update of what we've been working on over these past 3 months or so. So in no particular order, here's what our customers can look forward to getting in this next season:

1. At-a-glance Statistics: Although we've given you the ability to have super in-depth statistics through Google Analytics on your website, we've always wanted to give you the ability to have simple stats on your Dashboard. Since the launch of the new Greenhouse, we've been working on and fine-tuning this feature... Jason (and Ben) have been working hard to give you a simple, yet comprehensive statistics tool on your Dashboard so you don't have to plug into Google Analytics unless you want a fire hose of info about your site's traffic. This free upgrade to will be released in the next couple weeks.

2. List Page (aka "Staff Page"): We're right in the final stages of development on this feature... Once again, since the launch of the new Greenhouse we started working on this feature that allows you to have customizable pages with a photo and text next to them (which is ideal for listing your staff, products or even restaurant items). Our developer, Jeremy, has been working hard to release this feature as soon as possible. We'll be launching this a little bit after we release the new stats feature, so stay tuned!

3. iPad/iPhone version of Cloversites.com: This isn't too exciting for most of you, but it's become a necessity for us. Although all the content on your website shows up on mobile browsers, our website has always just had a simple splash page. So rather than hold out on technology to catch up with our site, we decided to make a custom HTML website for the more limited browsers. I must say, Ben and I have actually enjoyed designing and programming within these constraints. We'll see how long that lasts, though... But this new version of our website should come out in the next couple of weeks.

4. New Site Designs: As always, we are just about due to release some new site designs... These designs should be released in the next month or so.

5. Additional Design Customizations on Site Designs: We've received requests for a few additional design customizations on a few site designs (Meadowbrook, Connection, and Origin). The last post highlighted these new updates, so check it out.


So I hope these new upcoming features help explain our quietness over the past couple of months on our blog. We'll get better at posting stuff... If things ever slow down.