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New Green Thumb: Church Project Blog Feature

By: admin on July 15th, 2010

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New Green Thumb: Church Project

Green Thumbs

The first thing that really sticks out about Church Project's site is that they are not afraid to experiment with their photos and photo composition. They embrace the use of subdued and muted colors throughout the entire site, not necessarily choosing to stick with just black and white photos. This gives the site an interesting vibe and draws your eye to the subtleties of their photos. Another thing that we appreciate is the attention to the colors and the font usage in the logo. Not only do the colors in the logo match the navigation, but the font used in the logo compliments the navigation font really well. Also, this organization is using nearly all of the features that Clover has to offer, from linking with photos to using the podcasting feature in their media player. Overall, these guys are definitely using their Clover site to it's full potential.

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