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By: admin on July 6th, 2010

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Clover Gives

Company News

Now that Summer is officially in full swing, it means that we're about to start our third round of Clover Gives. We haven't publicized it very much, but every quarter starting in 2010, we're taking the first month's hosting payment from new purchases and giving it to charity. The first quarter we chose Children's Hunger Fund and for the last three months, it's been Gaba Bible Institute.

Thanks to you all, we cut a check to Gaba yesterday that we believe will have a great impact on their ministry. We feel so grateful to be a small part in what God is doing through them. They have a unique set of programs that is raising up leaders and training pastors to ultimately transform the communities in Uganda.

For the next three months, we've chosen a ministry that I personally support and believe in: The Well in Thailand. I'll quote their website since I probably can't explain their organization as well as they can.

The Well's "purpose is to love Thai bar girls and sex workers in the same way that Jesus loved that woman and others like her; to help her see and experience her true value as a creation by God, and to help her, her family and village indeed find their dream of a better life. The Well provides counseling, training, job development and other services to women and their family members."

The back story here is that The Well was started by a guy I know named Jim (not Clover's Jim) who gave up his dream of retiring to the comfy hills of Wisconsin and moved his whole family to Thailand. They started this ministry from incredibly humble beginnings simply because they felt God was calling them there. In the five years they've been there, they've helped hundreds of girls (and their family's) change their lives and find Christ.

The work they're doing is simply amazing. If you have time, check out a few quick stories from some of the girls (Mei, Wan, Pontip).

So for this next quarter, the first month's hosting payment of every new Clover website purchase will be going to our friends at The Well.