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Mondo + Catalyst = Awkward Photos Blog Feature

By: admin on May 5th, 2010

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Mondo + Catalyst = Awkward Photos


If you've been to any conferences Clover has sponsored, you've probably met some of our people representing us at our booth. We've got a great team of people who rep us all over the country- some on staff, and some volunteer.

If you had a chance to go to Catalyst West Coast a couple of weeks ago, you might have run into our friend, Mondo Scott. Mondo is the Student Life Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Moorpark (and Clover user), and graciously accepted the invitation to represent us at Catalyst.

I received a text from Mondo early morning on the 22nd of April with the following photo (with Mark Driscoll):

Knowing that Mondo is both hilarious and a tad bit outgoing, I asked him to take more pictures with minor Christian celebrities in front of the Clover booth... But I asked him to make them as awkward as possible. Here's the next series of photos/videos I received (in order):

Mondo + Carlos Whittaker


Mondo not paying attention to Aaron Keyes


Mondo catching up on reading with Dallas Willard


Mondo getting arrested by David Caruso from CSI Miami (not really)


Mondo shamelessly plugging Clover from stage

And for the Grand Finale:

Rick Warren Hearts Clover (it was his idea to say all that, by-the-way).

There's no real reason for this post, other than the fact I thought it was pretty funny. None of these dudes necessarily endorse Clover in anyway (except for Mondo), but I was proud of Mondo for being a Christian celebrity-stalker. It was great entertainment while we were taking care of the finishing touches on the Greenhouse.