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By: admin on April 12th, 2010

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Clover Gives - Gaba Bible Institute

Company News

This last quarter we introduced Clover Gives. We decided to give away the first month hosting payment from every new site purchase, and choose an awesome non-profit to donate to each quarter. I was supposed to blog on this at the beginning of the month, but due to the obvious development of the new Greenhouse, all social media exploits have been slow-going. Sorry about that- I'll get better after April 28th!

This month's non-profit Clover will be supporting is Gaba Bible Institute, based out of Kampala, Uganda. You can check their (rather well-designed) website at http://www.gbiuganda.org.

We love how Jeff and the team are committed to raising up a generation who's in love with Jesus and called to pastor and lead the next generation of believers. Check out their site to read more, or feel free to donate here.


Clover Gives - Spring 2010 Re-cap: Children's Hunger Fund

Clover was able to give a substantial amount to CHF in their relief efforts with the Haiti Earthquake. Thanks again to all who helped us equip CHF in their efforts (knowing and un-knowingly!)... This money went a long way in providing food and the Gospel to people in desperate need of both.